Systems that Support Early Literacy Outcomes

19 July 2017

A comprehensive literacy plan is an essential component for improving early literacy (Prek-3) outcomes. This session will focus on district and building level planning for the development of effective, comprehensive literacy systems. The process is grounded in data driven, collaborative planning that draws on research regarding evidenced based literacy instruction. This presentation will outline the key components of a literacy plan that guides decision making related to data systems, instructional strategies and resource allocation. The following topics will be emphasized:

•     Overview of Ohio’s Literacy Improvement Indicator

•     Essential components of a comprehensive literacy


•     Use of planning resources such as the Reading

Tiered Fidelity Inventory (R-TFI)

•     Research based strategies and models that support

reading improvement

•     Review of recommended guidelines for Reading

Achievement Plans in Ohio

•     Writing effective Reading Improvement Plans (RIMP)

that monitor progress towards successful third grade

literacy outcomes

•     Integration of the Ohio’s Reading Achievement Plan

and Ohio’s Improvement Process (OIP)


Helping students and educators close achievement gaps in Central Ohio.

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