The Ohio Improvement Process for Community Schools Management and Sponsors

18 July 2017

Community school leaders will review the history and criteria of Ohio’s district and building differentiated accountability designations. Intervention and support requirements will be discussed. Participants will receive updates on Ohio’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), particularly considerations that impact school improvement efforts. Participants will learn the essential connections among (1) FY18 needs assessment from the Decision Framework; (2) OTES and OPES influence statements that may be monitored as adult implementation behaviors in the district and building improvement plans; (3) collaborative team structures and meeting schedules; (4) the 5-Step process; (5) 2017-18 timelines and documentation required for submission in the Support School Monitoring tool; (6) Special Education Profiles, and (7) OIP and OLAC resources. Each participant is encouraged to bring a laptop and SAFE account/password to access the Decision Framework (DF), CCIP, Special Education Profile, OIP, and OLAC resources.


Helping students and educators close achievement gaps in Central Ohio.

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