Understanding and Managing Trauma In Children-Train the Trainer

19 July 2017

Melissa McClain, Community Education Coordinator for Akron Children’s Hospital will present a curriculum designed to train educators to understand and respond to the impact of trauma on children. The comprehensive presentation represents a trauma-informed approach to serving children and families, as well as practical principles that apply at the classroom level. Participants will receive training tools such as handouts, videos, power point presentations and resources to deliver this content to others. The four modules presented include the following topics:

1)Introduction to trauma and how trauma can affect a

child’s physical, emotional and cognitive abilities.

2)Managing trauma in the classroom, how to respond to

and prevent trauma based behaviors.

3)Increasing developmental assets in children by

supporting resiliency and coping skills.

4)Recognizing secondary stress and techniques that

educators can use to combat stress and burnout.


Helping students and educators close achievement gaps in Central Ohio.

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