Ohio Improvement Process

The Ohio Improvement Process (OIP), is focused on building the capacity of leadership at all levels—district, school and teacher—to improve the academic achievement of all students and student groups. It is designed to be a structure from which districts and schools can use data to reach informed decisions regarding instructional practices and interventions; create coherency, foster collaboration, and maintain sustainability through the creation of District Leadership Teams (DLTs), Building Leadership Teams (BLTs), and Teacher Based Teams (TBTs); and use common tools, procedures, and protocols for implementation.

The OIP involves four stages across which processes, structures, tools, and people are connected all with the intent of helping districts:

  1. Use data to identify areas of greatest need;
  2. Develop a focused plan with a limited number of goals and strategies targeted at instructional practice and student performance;
  3. Implement and monitor; and evaluate the effectiveness of the improvement process in changing instructional practice and student performance.

Helping students and educators close achievement gaps in Central Ohio.

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