Ohio's Graduation Requirements and Resources

Graduation marks the end of one journey and the beginning of another. Ohio’s education system is dedicated to preparing students for future success. With that, Ohio has revamped the graduation requirements for students by creating alternate pathways and options to attaining the skills and knowledge that will allow opportunities for post-secondary success.

Beginning with the class of 2023 and beyond (those who entered grade 9 on or after July 1, 2019) are now required to meet a new set of graduation requirements. These new graduation requirements consist of three key components:

1. Course Completion
Students will satisfy Ohio’s curriculum requirements and any additional local requirements. Students will complete the state minimum 20 units (credits), with specific unites required in each content area.

2. Demonstrating Competency
Student will demonstrate competency in the foundational areas of English/Language Arts and Mathematics or through alternative demonstrations which include College Credit Plus (CCP), career-focused activities, their ACT or SAT scores, or military enlistment.

3. Demonstrating Readiness (Seals)
Students will demonstrate readiness for their post high school paths by earning two diploma seals that allow them to demonstrate important foundational and well-rounded academic and technical knowledge, professional skills, and leadership and reasoning skills.

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