Surrogate Parents

Surrogate Parents

What is a Surrogate Parent? A person who represents a child in all matters relating to: (a) the identification, evaluation and educational placement of the child; and (b) the provision of free and appropriate public education to the child.

Who is eligible to act as a Surrogate Parent?
A person who:

  • Is not an employee of the ODE, the school district, or any other agency that is involved in the education or care of the child;
  • Has no personal or professional interest that conflict with the child’s interests;
  • Has knowledge and skills that ensure adequate representation of the child; and
  • Has successfully completed training prescribed by ODE.

A comprehensive training is provided by the State Support Team 11 that reflects the most recent guidance from the Office for Exceptional Children, at ODE. Once completed, participants will be certified as Surrogate Parents. School district superintendents, or designees will then appoint individuals, enabling them to represent a child in matters relating to the identification, evaluation and educational placement, and the provisions of Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). For more information regarding this training, please email Tina Forshey at [email protected].

Surrogate Parent certification can also be obtained by completing modules on-line. Go to to create an account and complete the course.

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